Delight is in the Details (eBook)

Shawn Blanc
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Practical advice, insight, and inspiration to help you reach for excellence and resist the tide of “good enough” work.

is an audio book, eBook, and interview series for people who make things.

The Complete Kit, which features the audio book and many more interviews, is available here for $45.

How to Make Good Things Great

Average, “good enough” work is no longer good enough. Our success, our products, and our reputations all rest on the details, the delight, the intention, and the vision we bring to our work.

is packed with practical advice, tips, encouragement, inspiration, and insight to teach you how how best to reach for excellence and resist the prevailing tide of “good enough” work that leads to forgettable products and a dissatisfaction in your work life.

This book is all about: (a) making a case for sweating the details; (b) giving you an understanding of what that actually looks like when done well; and (c) laying before you a roadmap for how you can change the mindset and habits of your own personal work life and even your company’s culture.

What's included?

* eBook as a PDF, mobi, and ePub format. You can read on your computer, iPad, Kindle, or other device.

* Two Makers Q&A sessions in PDF format.

What others are saying

More than 2,000 people have purchased and have used it to craft better design and make better products.

"A must-buy for anyone interested in design, art, or the creative process."

— Conor McClure, web designer

"Shawn Blanc proves his point of view immediately by creating a delightful user experience for the reader in Delight is in the Details. The book is aesthetically pleasing and incredibly inspiring. I highly recommend it to any creative professional."

— Jane Portman, designer and consultant

"Shawn has a unique appreciation of great design and a firm understanding of why the details matter. If you are a creative professional, designer, developer, or even just someone interested in why good design matters, you need this."

— Patrick Rhone, writer and technology consultant

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Delight is in the Details (eBook)

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